Think you can handle the Challenge?
Exactly how you can increase your strength, gain muscle mass and Snatch, Clean and Jerk more weight than ever before...
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Why The Muscle Gain Challenge?

You asked, we listened
A few years ago we created this online coaching program with the goal of getting stronger, putting on muscle, and getting better at the olympic lifts… because listeners of the show kept asking us to make it.The result? 

We’ll let current and former members of the program tell you themselves…  It is truly inspiring for us to see the impact this program has had on the lives of our MGC athletes.

Check out what they have to say right below, and scroll down for all the details of our Muscle Gain Challenge online training program + links to sign up now!

What some of our athletes are saying about the Muscle Gain Challenge
Carson B.
What hesitations did you have before signing up for the Muscle Gain Challenge?

"This program is the shit! When I was trying decide whether or not to sign up for this I was hesitant for a few reasons, first of all I was worried about not being able to do the workouts due to my limited experience in the Olympic lifts. I was also worried that with my work schedule that I wouldn't be able to hit the workouts and lastly I was worried that my progress with my gymnastics and conditioning would get worse. Looking back joining this program is probably the best choice I've made for my training.I'm proof that this program also works for people who don't necessarily want to gain the full 26 lbs.”

What changes have you noticed in your training and your body?

“When I started the program I weighed 203 lbs. and weighed 216 lbs. after six months.  In this time my back squat went from 305 lbs. to 345 lbs. My front squat went from 265 lbs. to 315 lbs. Clean and jerk went from 235 lbs. to 275 lbs. And my snatch went from 175 lbs. to 225 lbs. I have noticed improvements not only in my strength but my mobility has improved significantly as well. It also improved my gymnastics and even my "Fran" time has gotten faster. Who would've thought that getting stronger would make me a better athlete?  Crazy right?”

Would you recommend our program? Why or why not?

“I would recommend this program for absolutely anyone.  Even if you were like me and fairly new to fitness.  I had only been doing CrossFit for 6 months when I started. Do yourself a favor and sign up for this. There is an amazing amount to be learned whether it be snatch technique, nutrition or recovery.  They cover it all. And the coffee somehow tastes better in a barbell shrugged mug.”

Lindsey B.
What hesitations did you have before signing up for the Muscle Gain Challenge?

“First of all, signing up for the MGC was one of the best decisions I've made so far in my life. I signed up only because as a gym owner I was finding everything taking priority over my own training and I was looking for someone to coach or program for me. I checked out the BBS page and saw they offered coaching but it only seemed to be in context of a "challenge" and I wasn't overly interested - I wanted a coach. After hearing more about it (podcast) and more time passing of putting off training I decided to look into it more and saw there was  a "Pro" membership option and signed up. Then I had buyers remorse and I started to panic thinking how I didn't want to put on 20lbs!  I emailed them to switch programs because I was concerned with the weight gain but told them I was into all the rest of it.  I decided to stay and glad I did!

Exact before and current numbers?

Back Squat 1RM - 220 lbs. to an easy 265 lbs. (and 255 lbs 3RM) in 4 months

Clean and Jerk - 145 lbs. to 193 lbs. in 3 months

Snatch - 115 lbs. to ​155​ lbs.​OHS - 150 lbs. to 195 lbs.

Went from a 1RM Front Squat of 185 lbs to now doing 220 lbs for a 3RM.”

What specific feature of the program did you/ do you like best?

“I loved everything - literally everything:  The programming, the Coaches, the Facebook group/community, getting feedback from posting videos, especially the screen casts, the mobility, habits, and nutrition through email. One thing that I also got out of it, which I was not expecting was learning how to be a better coach by paying attention to what the BBS coaches said and also getting to see so many different people lift with different bodies and different lifting styles.”

This world needs you strong and confident.
I don’t think we HAVE to sell you on the importance of strength.If you’re here, then you already know it’s essential to your training because strength and strength training will improve your:

Performance at any sport or physical activity (competitive fitness, weightlifting, gymnastics, running, swimming, cycling).

- Overall health
- Balance and movement
- Self-confidence
- Mood and energy levels
- Body-fat levels
- Physical attractiveness. (Strong is sexy :))

Are you talking the talk or walking the walk?

Face it:  Most athletes struggle to get strong because they bounce from one program to the next before they ever see true progress.

We know this because we too once were program hoppers.  But let our years of experience help you fast track ahead and save valuable time.  Don’t make the same mistakes we did!To be completely honest we believe you can get stronger doing any well thought out program….

If you STICK to it!

The problem like we mentioned, is that most people don’t.  So we built our Muscle Gain Challenge to make sure you won’t program hop.  We’re going to hold you accountable to reaching your goal of getting bigger and stronger… no matter what.That’s a scary thought… if you’re only half committed to getting stronger.  Which is why we only want dedicated, positive minded people who are willing to put in the work necessary to build true strength. 

If that’s not you, then our Muscle Gain Challenge probably isn’t right for you at this time.

What you can expect from the Muscle Gain Challenge program
No more guess work
We’ve created a program that has been proven to get you bigger and stronger. We take all the knowledge, science, methods and practices known to build strength and muscle, put it together for you and show you exactly what to do.  All the guess work is taken out so you can just focus on putting in the work at the gym and in the kitchen.
Get strong as hell 
Obviously! You’ll get stronger and move more weight that you ever have before by doing lots of heavy barbell movements like squats, presses, heavy pulls from the floor, barbell rows, lunges as well as gymnastic movements like pull ups, muscle ups, ring dips and handstand push ups.
More muscle mass 
Even if you’re not trying to put on a bunch of mass, you’ll still put on some muscle because you’re going to be lifting heavy sh*t all the time and eating like an athlete. Adding more muscle to your body is going to help burn fat and get you lookin damn sexy.
Better gymnastics and conditioning.
We’ve carefully designed this program to help you get strong while paying attention to your conditioning and gymnastic skills. The combination of strength training with gymnastics and conditioning movements like kettlebell swings, kettlebell snatches, thrusters, wall balls,  box jumps , rowing and running will for sure make you a better athlete overall.
  Olympic Weightlifting
Snatches, cleans and jerks are probably the most fun lifts to do but are definitely one of the most difficult and frustrating things to do in the gym. In this program, you’ll learn and practice good technique so that you can start snatching, cleaning and jerking more weight, properly and safely!
A new wardrobe
With all the gainz you’re going to be making, you’re probably going to need to buy some better fitting pants and shirts. Unless you enjoy the looks you’re gonna get walking around with seams split at the butt. So you better start investing in a bunch of new sweat pants and spandex now!
We'll provide everything you need to get swole and strong

Structured and specifically designed to help you get bigger, stronger, improve your weightlifting and maintain your conditioning
Consistent, expert feedback and help with your Weightlifting technique, training and nutrition
Know exactly how to approach training... what you need to do, when you need do it, and why it's important to you.
Take out all guess work so you can only focus on being an athlete.
Your team. Support from a close knit team of like minded individuals that turns hard training sessions into easy ones that you will love.
Continuous practice so you can squat, bench, deadlift, press, snatch, clean & jerk more weight, safely and with great technique.
Great Habits
Build productive habits, make long-term a lifestyle changes to become a better athlete and start living a healthier, more fulfilled life.
Learn the essential concepts of training, mobility, recovery and nutrition that you can apply long after you’re finished with the program.
Motivation, accountability and encouragement from coaches and teammates that are absolutely vital to getting significant results.
Who is this program for?

If you’re a fitness athlete and you want to get stronger so you can perform better in WODs.

If you want to snatch, clean and jerk more weight but don’t have access to a coach to help teach you proper technique, you’re going to want to check this program out. 

If you’re sick of being scrawny and weak you and want to gain muscle mass and build strength

If you’re fed up with program hopping and need accountability from a coach or others who share the same goals as you. 

You’d be a great fit if you’ve been training for a while, hit a strength plateau and you aren’t seeing the results you want in the gym. 

If you need help dialing in your nutrition and eating habits so you can gain muscle mass. 

If you need a structured and comprehensive program to help you get stronger but struggle with writing one on your own, then this program is for you. 

If you don’t care about either getting stronger or putting on muscle, then you probably don’t belong here. 

If you want to get strong as all hell, squat, press, deadlift, bench, snatch, clean, jerk heavy freakin’ weights or gain muscle mass all while still keep your conditioning and gymnastic skills up to par so you can crush WODs then YOU ARE DEFINITELY IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

What makes the Muscle Gain Challenge different from other programs?
There are a bunch of online training programs out there that just program workouts with the assumption that you don’t need any other structure or guidance.

They assume way too much about you and what you know and don’t know.They assume:

- That you already know how to warmup or recover properly

- You’re a dedicated athlete without a job, family, or social life

- That that you have perfect mobilityThat you’re eating to match your specific goal

- That you’ll never fall off the wagon

- That you know how to read the workout properly as the coach intended or perform the movements as intended

- The Muscle Gain Challenge is different because it is a comprehensive PROGRAM.

A program isn’t just a bunch of workouts you’re just randomly doing.  A good program needs to: 

- Be structured and specifically designed for your goals

- Offer guidance and direction showing you exactly how to get the results you want

- Educate you on proper training and nutrition so you can continue to make progress long after the program ends or even help others get the same results

- Teach you how to make long-term lifestyle changes that can provide 10 times or even 100 times the return

- Offer a solid community of other athletes and coaches to help keep you accountable, on track and focused

It’s these things that other programs tend to overlook and don’t provide that are really going to start allowing you to make your gains. We’ll say it again…a program is more than just workouts. And if you’re just looking for workouts right now then the Muscle Gain Challenge might not be for you just yet. We’ve been training and coaching a long time and we’ve made lots of mistakes along the way, but one of the big lessons we’ve learned from all those mistakes is that following a comprehensive training PROGRAM will yield the most long-term success.
Join the Muscle Gain Challenge

Muscle Gain Features

Muscle Gain Programming
Posted weekly for 12 months. 5 workouts per week + 2 rest days.
Muscle Gain Community
access to a private Flight Facebook group where you can build connections and accountability w/other MGC members
Exclusive Bonus Content
access to tips and technique videos only accessible to MGC members
Muscle Gain Itinerary
video breakdown of each workout explaining "why" & "how" each workout is to be done + movement demo videos
13 Systematic Habits
to help you keep you on board on the gainz train
Online Technique Coaching
done from within the private Facebook group - for submitting UNLIMITED videos of your lifts for coaches to watch and give you feedback
Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
monthly video chat or phone call with your coach to help make nutrition, programming, or lifestyle adjustments so you can get results faster
Weekly Nutrition Reviews
weekly nutrition log review with personal video feedback and suggestions from your coach.
Muscle Gain Membership Site
Instant access to the Muscle Gain members-only site with archives of all your workouts, course materials, recipes, and bonus content.

Go through the Muscle Gain Challenge at your own pace and have access to all of your materials

Bonus Courses

Faction Foods and Nutrition
Created by Doug Larson to make cooking and cleaning fast and easy so you can focus on training ($197 value)
Maximum Mobility
Created by Doug Larson to help you fix your mobility restrictions so you can have better technique and reduce your chances of getting hurt ($237 value)
Movement Specific Mobility
(for a limited time only)
Designed by Doug Larson to give you specific mobility drills and exercises to address your unique movement restrictions for squats and deadlifts. Lift more weight with better technique to reduce your chances of getting hurt ($397 value)

Nutrition for Weightlifters
(for a limited time only)

A comprehensive nutrition seminar created by Doug Larson and Mike Bedsoe to teach you how to structure your nutrition for optimal performance and body composition while training and competing as a weightlifter ($197 value)
Sign up early to save money & get awesome bonuses

You can save $40 a month by signing up early. That’s $480 in one year!

BEST Deal: Sign up by December 3rd, 2015 to get FREE:

- Movement Specific Mobility ($397 value)

- Nutrition for Weightlifters ($197 value)

Good deal: Sign up by December 6th, 2015 to get FREE:

- Nutrition for Weightlifters

After December 6th you'll lose your chance for all bonuses!

On December 8th at noon Central USA, this entire offer for Muscle Gain will end.

You can still sign up for the Muscle Gain Challenge after the 8th but you'll lose the $40 monthly discount!

So don't delay and sign up now!

THIS IS A 12- MONTH PROGRAM: We know can that be big commitment, but hear us out!  Our goal with the Muscle Gain Challenge is to totally change your body, training, and life for the better.  Making big progress like that typically doesn’t happen over the course of a month or two.It takes a lot of time and effort from you to achieve great results.  It takes a lot of time and effort from us to help you, too.  We feel it’s important to commit and be all-in.  That’s what breeds success.  As a company, we’re committed to bringing you the absolute best possible program and service we can provide.

We’re determined to help you get results that will last a lifetime, not just sell you on typical fad-nutrition or training where you see a bit of progress only to lose all your gains the instant you finish.  We also feel that as coaches, it’s our job to keep our athletes accountable.  We want you to get awesome results.  That’s why we do what we do!  To get awesome results, there needs to commitment and consistency.  And if you’re not ready to take that step at this moment, we totally understand!  We’ll still be here to help you to when you decide that you are.

Choose your membership level

There are 3 options to choose from!

Choose a membership level that best fits your needs and budget.
All monthly subscriptions billed monthly for 12 months.
$127 /month
(reg price: $167/ mo.)
  • MGC Programming ($97/mo value)
  • MGC Facebook Community ($47/mo value)
  • MGC Itinerary  ($47/mo value)
  • MGC Members Site ($27/mo value
  • Exclusive Bonus Content ($47/mo value)
  • MGC Bonus Courses:
     - Faction Foods and Nutrition  ($197 value)
    - Maximum Mobility  ($237 value)
    - The Stuff That Will Kill You with Paul Eich ($97 value)

Rx (Most Popular)

$147 /month
(reg price: $187/mo.)
  • Everything Solo Gets Plus...
  • Online Technique Coaching ($97/mo value)


(reg price: $297/mo.)
  • Everything Solo and Rx get plus...
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching Calls ($97/mo value)
  • Weekly Nutrition Reviews and coaching ($147/mo value)

Why 12 Months?
From experience as coaches and athletes, we've found that 12 months is the minimum amount of time needed to greatly improve an athlete's ability.

For this reason, we ask for a 12-month commitment to the Muscle Gain Challenge. We know can that be big commitment, but our goal is to get BIG changes. Making progress like that typically doesn’t happen over the course of a month or two.It takes a lot of time and effort from you to achieve great results and it takes a lot of time and effort from us as well to help you get there.

We believe that to get amazing, long-term results , there must be commitment and consistency.And if you’re not ready to take that kind of step at this moment, we totally understand, but we’ll still be here to help you to when you decide that you are.

Who is this program for?
Muscle Gain Challenge is for anyone who wants or needs a comprehensive strength and conditioning program. Comprehensive, meaning not just workouts, but every tool necessary to become a better Weightlifter and athlete. Muscle Gain Challenge is designed to teach and improve Weightlifting technique, help you gain strength, educate and foster good nutrition, mobility, and lifestyle habits, and offer the necessary guidance, coaching, motivation and accountability necessary for continuous programs.

The course material is mainly aimed towards beginners and intermediates but we've had advanced, experienced athletes see improvements. Any athlete at any skill level, age, male or female can see benefit from the Muscle Gain Challenge. Your success mostly depends on your willingness to commit, be consistent and adopt a learning-orientated mindset (listen/watch Barbell Shrugged Episode 189, if you don't know what we mean by this).
When will I receive my bonuses?
Immediately after sign-up you'll get several "right away" bonuses:

- Barbell Shrugged AnytimeWODs - workouts designed for when you are traveling and can't hit the gym

- Muscle Gain Recipes - Recipes to make sure you get enough tasty, high quality food to grow stronger

- MealFit Meal Plans for Barbell Shrugged Athletes
- 3 weekly meal plans designed by Thomas Cox of

Recipes by Brandi Marter
 - 6 easily prepared, bulk-style recipes to help you save you time.  Includes video demonstrations showing you exactly how to cook each recipe plus 12 additional bonus recipes to help you get started

When will I receive my program materials?
You'll start getting your workouts on the Sunday before Day 1 of the program. Each Sunday, you'll get the entire week of the workouts sent to you which you can access in the member site so you can plan for the coming week if you need to move some workouts around.

Each week you'll also get 1-2 videos of your course seminars. We'll start with Faction Foods , then move to Maximum Mobility. We do this because we want you to focus on a particular portion of the curriculum, be able to use the information in the course at the appropriate time and not be overwhelmed by the amount of information and material we present.

At the end of the program, all course materials will be available for download to keep for personal use.

When can I start Muscle Gain Challenge?
After you sign up, you'll have to choose the date you'd like to start the program. Day 1 of the program will always begin on a Monday so you can start as early as the next Monday.

How often will I be billed?
You’ll be billed on a monthly recurring basis. The amount of subscription will be drafted from the credit card you provide at the time of registration. If at any point you need to make changes to your billing or subscription, we ask you contact us at

What kind of equipement do I need?
You’ll definitely need a barbell, weights, a squat rack, a pull-up bar and a space to #dropeverythingandtrain.Bumper plates are really nice to have because you can drop them. If you don’t have bumper plates, and you have to lower the weights to the ground, invest in a good pair of lifting straps to help control the lowering.Kettlebells or dumbells, med-balls, plyo boxes, a set of rings, a GHD machine, lifting/jerk blocks, resistance bands and a climbing rope are nice to have but not absolutely required.

If there is a movement programmed that you cannot perform because you don’t have the necessary equipment, we can you always help you come up with a substitute movement, just contact us or ask in the Facebook group.

What if I get injured or have an existing injury?
Injuries unfortunately can happen and it sucks when they do but we can try to help as much as possible!If you ever have to modify or cannot do a movement because of an injury, new or existing, we’ll ask you to fill out an injury report form.Once you have filled the form out a Barbell Shrugged coach will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your injury and possible workout modifications.You’ll also be sent an email every week for 6 weeks with a link to update us on your injury so we can track how you are progressing.We’re not doctors, but we’ll do our best to help you work around your injuries until you back 100%.

What if I don’t want gain mass and just want to get stronger?
We’ve had a number of folks complete the program with that exact goal.With the Muscle Gain Challenge, you can still get stronger without gaining a bunch of weight.

We’ve even had folks lose fat and weight because they cleaned up their nutrition and started putting on more muscle mass which helps burn fat.If you don’t want to gain mass or want to shed some fat, you may need to adjust how much you eat (we’ll cover that in the nutrition course) but your workouts will still be the same as every one else.

Can I still do the program if I’m not good at the Olympic lifts?
If your Olympic Weightlifting technique needs work, then you absolutely should do this program.

In the Muscle Gain Challenge, usually 3-4 out of the 5 days of training will involve practicing the snatch, clean or jerk movements.

We’ll also teach you an Olympic  Weightlifting specific warmup designed by Justin Thacker to help improve your weightlifting technique and mobility.

This warmup method will be programmed every time your workout calls for the Olympic lifts, so if you consistently do the prescribed warmups and weightlifting workouts, you’ll be snatching, cleaning and jerking more weight with better technique in no time at all.

What days will I be training?
There will be workouts posted for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You don’t have to train on those exact days and can move the week around if you need to.

Your recovery days will be Sunday and Wednesdays. Use the recovery days to watch your educational courses while you rest.

How long do workouts take?
On the  training days, full workout from warmup to end should take about 90 minutes if you are timing your rest periods well and training without distraction. Some workouts may take longer than 90 minutes but these will be near the end of a cycle when you are going heavier.
Can I still get quality results if I can’t train every day?
Absolutely. We’ve had a number of busy individuals who were only able to train 3 of the 5 days a week and still got results they were very happy with.The key to success in this program is consistency!If you’re consistently getting in your training, even if it’s only 3 days a week, you will still see results.
How do I do the program as a vegetarian?
As a vegetarian gaining the weight can be a little more challenging but is definitely doable given that you are eating enough dairy and eggs to get your protein.

Pescetarians will have an easier time getting high-quality protein in their diet.Being vegetarian and doing the Muscle Gain Challenge is definitely nothing to worry too much about.We’ve had a good number of vegetarians go through the program and still get great results.

Can I do extra work or my gym's workouts?
You definitely can still do workouts at your home box if that’s what you would like to do, but in all reality you probably won’t need to do extra work outside the program.

Everything you need to improve your snatch, clean and jerk numbers is provided. We’ll provide everything the warmup, technique drills, cool downs and mobility drills to help you become a stronger and better weightlifter.

Once into the program, our athletes find the volume, intensity of the training to be challenging and rewarding all on its own.You’re certainly free to do extra stuff here and there, but just be smart about it! And more than likely, we believe you’ll find that you won’t need to do extra to make progress and get the results you want.

My gym won’t let me do my own program, what can I do?
Honestly that’s a bummer and although we haven’t had much of a problem with that in the past, it may be an issue for some.Our suggestion would be to try to present it to your coaches or the gym owners in a way that shows you’re making a conscious, mature, motivated decision.

Offer to stay out of the way as much as possible and explain this is something you REALLY want to do then maybe they’ll let you do your own thing.

We really don’t know how else to say it…

This program freaking works.We wouldn’t be offering the Muscle Gain Challenge to you if we didn’t firmly believe in it.

And the folks you’ve seen on this page are the proof that it does.The numbers these folks put on their squat, snatch, clean and jerk during the challenge are insane.And these results are TYPICAL (even for people are already pretty strong)! And really, the people shown here are only just a fraction of the amount of success stories we’ve received since we’ve started offering the Muscle Gain Challenge.

Everyday people continue to tell us how much the Muscle Gain Challenge has helped them:

Get stronger and become better athletes

Gain valuable knowledge and become better coaches, trainers or gym owners

Reverse years of bad lifestyle habits, poor nutrition and low self-confidence in only a few months to become healthier and happier people.

How they did it and how YOU can do it too is really simple.All you have to do is sign up and put in the time and effort to follow the program.

We’ll show you exactly what to do and show you how to do it to ensure your own personal success.All you have to do is put forth the effort, follow the program and you will see the results.

Because how long are you going to sit around and continue WISHING you were strong?If you’re sick and tired of feeling weak, getting your ass kicked by the barbell Every. Single. Day…, not going prescribed on workouts, or losing out on the podium because you KNOW you weren’t strong enough…

Then stop sitting around thinking about getting stronger and go do something about it!Take your first step by signing up for the Muscle Gain Challenge right now.

Join the Muscle Gain Challenge today!

Choose a membership level that best fits your needs and budget.
All monthly subscriptions billed monthly for 12 months.

$127 /month
(reg price: $167/ mo.)
  • MGC Programming ($97/mo value)
  • MGC Facebook Community ($47/mo value)
  • MGC Itinerary  ($47/mo value)
  • MGC Members Site ($27/mo value
  • Exclusive Bonus Content ($47/mo value)
  • MGC Bonus Courses:
     - Faction Foods and Nutrition  ($197 value)
    - Maximum Mobility  ($237 value)
    - The Stuff That Will Kill You with Paul Eich ($97 value)

Rx (Most Popular)

$147 /month
(reg price: $187/mo.)
  • Everything Solo Gets Plus...
  • Online Technique Coaching ($97/mo value)


(reg price: $297/mo.)
  • Everything Solo and Rx get plus...
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching Calls ($97/mo value)
  • Weekly Nutrition Reviews and coaching ($147/mo value)
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